These Scientists Are Trying to Make a High Heel That's Comfortable

Comfortable high heels may be the three most heavenly words in fashion. But there's more to heel comfort than meets the eye. Science plays a role in our foot pain—just ask Dolly Singh, the brains behind shoe brand Thesis Couture

Harper's Bazaar interviewed Singh, who has set out to "re-engineer" the high heel from a scientific standpoint. As Harper's Bazaar explains, Singh is developing "a four-inch heel which redistributes weight and reduces pressure placed on the ball of the foot by 30 percent, feels like a wedge, fits securely to reduce friction, and absorbs shock without becoming associated with the c-word, [comfort]." 

According to the article, Singh relies on a diverse group of geniuses to help her carry out her mission, which includes a textile scientist, an orthopedic surgeon, an astronaut, and a rocket scientist. "They're not just building a more comfortable shoe," says Harper's Bazaar. "This brainy bunch is employing the same engineering ingenuity as, say, [a] spacecraft." 

"When you rip apart a high heel, inside is a metal shank—it's actually called a shank," Singh told the magazine. So instead of metal, the shoes Thesis Couture makes consist of "ballistic grade polymer material." Singh is planning to release just 1,500 limited-edition pairs of her prototype in January. Head over to Harper's Bazaar to read the rest of the fascinating interview with Singh. 

While we wait for Thesis Couture to launch its potentially revolutionary shoes, scroll down to shop some of our favorite comfortable heels!

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