Why 29 Is the Best Age to Make Over Your Wardrobe

I’m not one to peg too much on astrology. Maybe our future is written in the stars, but I like to have a firm handle on my own destiny. Still, I was intrigued when over the course of a single week, I found myself locked into multiple conversations addressing the idea of the Saturn return. Sound familiar? The basic premise is that due to planetary movement, around the age of 28 and a half, we experience a time of major transition, in love for some and in career for others—whatever it is, expect a few growing pains.

With all these shake-ups, you know it's bound to have an effect on your style, too, but what does Saturn returning mean for what you wear? I reached out to fashion astrologer Kimberly Dewhirst of Star Sign Style to offer up some wisdom on the seemingly mystical subject. She breaks down exactly what your Saturn return will mean for your style—we promise only good things.

Read on for a look at her insight and then to shop the pieces that will help you make the transition.