Why 29 Is the Best Age to Make Over Your Wardrobe

I’m not one to peg too much on astrology. Maybe our future is written in the stars, but I like to have a firm handle on my own destiny. Still, I was intrigued when over the course of a single week, I found myself locked into multiple conversations addressing the idea of the Saturn return. Sound familiar? The basic premise is that due to planetary movement, around the age of 28 and a half, we experience a time of major transition, in love for some and in career for others—whatever it is, expect a few growing pains.

With all these shake-ups, you know it's bound to have an effect on your style, too, but what does Saturn returning mean for what you wear? I reached out to fashion astrologer Kimberly Dewhirst of Star Sign Style to offer up some wisdom on the seemingly mystical subject. She breaks down exactly what your Saturn return will mean for your style—we promise only good things.

Read on for a look at her insight and then to shop the pieces that will help you make the transition.

"Every year the sun 'returns' to the point in the zodiac that it was where it was when you were born," says Dewhirst. In this same way, planets also make their way around the zodiac, but for Saturn to return, it takes between 27 and 29 years. "It's at this point that many people are truly tested, faced with letting go of some element of life they hold dear." While for each of us, this may look different—it isn't uncommon to experience shake-ups in life right at this age.

Planetary flux or none, the end of your 20s marks a natural point of change: You've distanced yourself from college and settled into life as a full-fledged adult (hello, financial independence). Rationally, it makes sense that your style develops in tandem with your grown-up lifestyles. You're at a place where you understand what fits you and what you're comfortable wearing.

What It Means for Your Style:

The return of Saturn marks a point where you can finally redefine your wardrobe and enter a new style phase. Notes Dewhirst, "It's a time when we really know ourselves. … There’s less time for experimentation and more room for knowing what works."

Instead of being overwhelmed by the changes that come at this period in life, look at it as a time to narrow your style and focus on grown-up pieces that work for you. Take advantage of styles that serve more than one purpose and make you feel good: e.g., a perfect day-to-night top or jeans that fit just right. You can afford to focus on investing in a few pieces you'll wear for years to come.

Shop Pieces for Your Saturn Return: 

Meet your new favorite day-to-night piece.

Office-appropriate pants that still pack a punch.

Opt for slippers with a little sparkle.

Unexpected details set this button-down apart.

Use refined but cool jewelry to stand apart from the crowd.

MG's sleek bags will dress up even a simple tee and jeans.

Frayed edges help this sweater feel sophisticated yet unstuffy.

Master the art of layering with a cozy furry coat.

Swap out jeans for an easy-to-style skirt.

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