Sarah Jessica Parker’s Secret for Feeling Confident About Your Outfits

We’d be hard-pressed to find a celebrity that we’d trust more with our wardrobes than Sarah Jessica Parker, the stylish and talented actress who, of course, brought Carrie Bradshaw to life on HBO’s Sex and the City. Though those days are sadly over, Parker has since delivered a trove of sartorial inspiration worthy of her alter ego. As a permanent fixture at fashion events and an enthusiastic champion of designers young and old, it’s not surprising that she’d want to translate her fashion expertise into a tangible product.

The result, the SJP Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker, is not your average celebrity line—no, the collection centers around the always classy single-sole heel; it's made of the most luxurious fabrics and, most notably, it's crafted entirely in Italy. The appeal was only confirmed last weekend when I visited Parker at her two-day pop-up shop at The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas, and got to see all of the shoes up close. It certainly didn't feel like your cliche Vegas inside the expansive shops, which not only boast the largest number of high-end flagships in America, but a James Turrell exhibit smack-dab in the middle of Louis Vuitton, too. 

There to celebrate the launch of her exclusive new line for Zappos Couture, aptly titled The Strip Collection, Parker opened up to me about exactly who she thinks of when designing and why it’s crucial not to dress for anyone else! Scroll down to find out what the actress had to say.