Sarah Jessica Parker Has One Big SATC Regret

It's been over a decade since we said goodbye to Sex and the City on HBO, but there remains a certain cultural fascination with Carrie Bradshaw and her crew. So when Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about on-set secrets from back in the day, you know we want to tune in.

The actress sat down with Net-a-Porter's The Edit and revealed her biggest regret from her time on set. “I wish I had known to take more pictures," she confessed. "I should have photographed every fitting of Sex and the City; every shoe I ever tried on anywhere in the world, ever! I should have shot those experiences, but I didn’t want to intrude on it or ask, ‘Do you mind if I take your picture?’ Or, ‘Do you mind if I document this?’ Oh, I should have taken more pictures.”

Parker also talked about her unique fashion choices off-screen, “I will only buy second-hand clothes for my son, James Wilkie."  She noted, "The documentary The True Cost [which explores the impact of fashion on people and the planet] really changed me.” She also takes on some common myths about the size of her shoe closet and her personal styleWatch her video with The Edit and shop a handful of her looks below, and then head to the site to read the story in full