Are These Booties the Secret to a Non-Boring Travel Look?

>Any day and any occasion can be an excuse to wear a sparkly shoe. Just ask Sarah Jessica Parker after her recent visit to LAX. While we can’t say we always look perfectly polished for flights, we do like to mix it up every once in a while. And in this case, the actress makes a great case for styling a party piece with a travel ensemble for even the most mundane itineraries.

The bootie here was a design from her SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker line, and it’s nearly sold out. For the rest of her look, she styled the reflective soles with a pair of relaxed, army-green pants, a fluffy topper, a gray sweater, and a simple crossbody bag. For all intents and purposes, it’s a pretty clever travel outfit: The plush jacket makes for the perfect cocoon to cuddle up in mid-flight, and though her shoes are fancy, they also have a sturdy heel that allows for a bit of running when you hear that final boarding call.

We're not necessarily saying that every airport visit requires such a playful footwear choice, but considering the practicality, we also might think twice next time we reach for a simple pair of sneakers.

>Scroll down to see SJP's complete ensemble and shop sparkly booties.

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