Sarah Jessica Parker Designed Fine Jewelry Perfect for the New York Girl

With a über-successful shoe line and a collection of little black dresses that sold out almost immediately, we weren't surprised to hear that Sarah Jessica Parker has a new and exciting fashion venture. SJP has teamed up with fine jewelry designer, Kat Florence, on a collection of fine jewelry. "Kat is a woman doing this her own way and you feel lucky and privileged to be wearing her jewelry," Parker said in a press release.

The collection is available starting today, but additional pieces will be available over the coming months, with the final total at 120 individual designs (yes, really). And though prices start at $1600, it might be just the thing if you've been waiting for something to treat yourself. So, if you want to add a little sparkle into your life, why not pick something we're sure would have Carrie Bradshaw's seal of approval?

Read on for a look at Sarah Jessica Parker in Kat Florence's new campaign!