This SJP Style Move Is Very Carrie Bradshaw

It’s not fair to always compare Sarah Jessica Parker to her iconic onscreen persona Carrie Bradshaw. They have their similarities, sure, but are not necessarily two peas in a pod. However, considering one of Parker’s most recent ensembles, we couldn’t help but feel a bit of déjà vu. Specifically to SATC season five.

Late last week, the actress arrived in Madrid just in time for a bit of a downpour. Despite the weather, Parker stuck to a footwear silhouette that’s often seen on both her and Bradshaw alike: ladylike heels. While the style is not necessarily practical for any kind of bad weather, her choice did instantly hark back to Bradshaw, who’s sported a pair of heels (or two—or three) in the rain before. (See her with her newspaper umbrella, below.)

We’ll give it to Parker: Her choice—though not traditional rain boots—is a bit more protective than slim stilettos, as she layered socks beneath and chose a thicker, sturdier heel. Is either option rain-appropriate? Not really. But we’re still delighted by the similarity… and can certainly commiserate as far as getting caught by a surprise rain shower.

Scroll down to see both outfits in question.

Are there any specific style lessons you've learned from Carrie Bradshaw? Let us know below.