SJP Just Debuted The Sex and the City Credits You've Never Seen Before

If you can't mentally visualize the entire opening credits for Sex and the City, at the very least the show's biggest fans can hum the theme song and will recall the exact outfit that Carrie Bradshaw wears as she's walking the streets of Manhattan and splashed by a passing bus driving over a puddle. Pink tank, white tutu. But leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker to help provide the world with an alternative opening credit sequence that changes that now-iconic image.

Parker released a never-before-seen opening credit for SATC. She called it "lost footage." In it, Bradshaw switched out the tutu—a piece that costume designer Patricia Field famously bought for $5—for a simple, blue, midi-length dress. What's more, Bradshaw appears to stay totally dry in this alternative video and instead she plays up her own imperfection by tripping over her own two feet. In pretty, strappy shoes, of course.

We have to say, we're still quite partial to the original, but we're open to other opinions. Below, take a look at the video SJP just bought to light and the original.


Lost footage. The alternate and never used title sequence from "SATC" A really nice memory. X, SJ

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Okay, time to weigh in. Are you more into the original sequence, or would you prefer the alternative? Tell us in the comments.