SJP Fans, You're Going to Be So Mad You Slept on This Deal


Getty Images

Carrie Bradshaw had quite the enviable collection of shoes (Who remembers the episode where the iconic character gets "shoe shamed?") And back in 2014, Sarah Jessica Parker launched her own footwear line. So it's only fitting then that today's SJP news also involves, well, shoes. 

This morning, it was announced that Airbnb partnered with Sarah Jessica Parker on a "Sole of The City" experience, with the tagline "Discover Manhattan with the city’s ultimate fashionista." If you couldn't immediately tell by the title, this already sold-out experience would provide whoever was lucky enough to snag the two available spots with a once-in-a-lifetime shoe shopping trip with SJP.

Shoppers will meet with the star at Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street for what she hopes will be "an unforgettable shoe-shopping experience," where she will help them pick out the perfect pair from her collection. After some frozen yogurt, inspiring conversations, and, of course, a new pair of shoes, she'll send the guests to the New York City ballet for a VIP evening. 

Dubbed a "social impact experience," 100% of the proceeds with go to the New York City Ballet. A day with SJP, a new pair of shoes, and you're supporting a good cause—it's no wonder this deal sold out almost instantly.  

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