Sandra Bullock Still Has Her High School Cheerleading Uniform

We can always count on Sandra Bullock for a few things, not least of which is a really good laugh. She opened up to Glamour magazine for its November cover story, revealing a number of interesting things about her present, past, and hopes for the future. But what stood out to us most is this amazing piece of information.

Embarrassingly, yes,” she said of still owning her high school cheerleading uniform. “It might come in handy some sexy night, though I don’t know who I’m saving it for. I want to be buried in it.” (H/t to E! Online for finding this gem.)

While the idea of Bullock wearing her cheerleading uniform for a sexy romp isn't that strange to us, the revelation that she wants to be buried in it is. You can see Bullock above in her element, and we have to admit she looks like she was probably a stellar cheerleader.

What do you think of Sandra Bullock’s lifelong dedication to cheerleading? Tell us below, and head to Glamour to read more of the fascinating interview!