The Sandals All the Cool Girls Are Wearing for Summer Festivals

When it comes to planning out an outfit for a music festival, deciding on a pair of shoes is one of the trickiest parts. After all, you want your shoes to be comfortable for walking and dancing; durable, so you’re not left barefoot at the end of the night; and stylish, of course.

When dressing for festival season this year, musician Storm Calysta and fashion influencer Coco Bassey opted for Teva Flatform sandals, a festival staple for cool-girl concert-goers. The earthy shoes add an elevated bohemian vibe to your look and allow you to dance to your favorite artists all night long.

Keep scrolling for two ways to style Teva Flatforms for this year’s music festivals and beyond.

How would you style your Tevas for a music festival? Tell us in the comments below.