What it's Like to Be Saint Laurent's Latest Muse



Saint Laurent’s Creative Director, Heidi Slimane, is no stranger to plucking indie artists and otherwise unknowns in the fashion world to cast in his shows and campaigns. It’s something we’ve seen since his inaugural show at the French fashion house (and before that with menswear), and it’s one of the personal touches that solidify his rock ’n’ roll designs have a place in the hearts of edgy it-girls everywhere. We've always wondered what it’s like to be the chosen one and, luckily, his latest muse, a blonde musician by the name of Staz Lindes, is opening up about her experience in a series of recent interviews.

A bit of background, Staz is relatively new to the fashion scene, having fist walked in Saint Laurent’s SS16 Paris show earlier this year donning a tiara, a slip dress, Jane ankle strap heels and, of course, a leather jacket. Most recently she was photographed in her own clothes (alongside her brother) as part of Slimane’s personal diary collection—albeit much of what she wears in the session could pass as Saint Laurent, specifically, that leather jacket.

Staz described her first walk on the runway to Dazed Digital saying, “It was very surreal and exciting. I felt so lucky.” We can’t say we blame her enthusiasm. She goes on to speak of how natural the dynamic between her and Slimane is, and describing how it feels to be dubbed a Saint Laurent “muse” as, “I’m not quite sure… so far it just feels like I'm being me, so that's cool!”

There’s no doubt Staz Lindes is living a unique experience many of us would do just about anything to have, but with it comes a whirlwind of emotions. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she describes walking the show as, “Very exciting… it was really nice to walk to such a cool song in cool outfits with some real cool ladies… a few of which are some of my good friends. It was an experience… a bit nerve-racking but pretty incredible.”