Rumi Neely’s Next Career Move: Perfecting The Ear Game

You’d be hard pressed to find a blogger with just one job on her résumé. Today’s self-motivated entrepreneurs often extend their expertise everywhere, from consulting to editing to designing. And in the case of Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, her skills have led her to not just head up her own fashion line, but head up a fashion line that’s appeared on nearly every It girl (Hadids and Jenners, included). Today, Neely takes it one step further and introduces her first fine jewelry line with Are You Am I, AYAI Fine.

Tapping into the dainty jewelry trend, Neely’s newest offerings cast in 14K gold are not just the of-the-moment pieces you’ll want to try. They’re the delicate and stackable baubles you’ll probably never take off. Just ask the designer herself, who walked us through her approach to the “perfect ear game” (or what some may call constellation piercings).

Below we chatted with Neely to learn all about the jewels available today—just in time to add them to your holiday wish lists.

Scroll down for our discussion and to shop the complete fine jewelry line.

WHO WHAT WEAR: Congrats on the fine jewelry launch! What was the design process like?

RUMI NEELY: Jewelry is so intrinsically tied into my style that it was a very natural next step to expand into fine. I love pieces that are beyond delicate and ethereal in vibe but comfortable enough to never take off. The earrings are all multi-piercing–friendly, which is endless fun to style and play around with. There's something so beautiful and timeless about a very glimmery ear.

WWW: These all seem like styles you'd never take off, sleep in, wear for years, etc. What other pieces of jewelry can we always find you wearing?

RN: You'll find me in a multitude of diamond studs and hoops, chokers, and thin chain necklaces. With the perfect jewelry choices, you really feel the most you that you can. Even naked.

WWW: What's the one jewelry trend you'd love to see make a comeback? And which jewelry trend would you like to never, ever see again?

RN: I love the trend of asymmetry and unexpected piercing placements on the ear. And jewelry is such an important way to express yourself, nothing should be outright banned.

WWW: Tell us about the importance of the "perfect ear game." What does that really mean?

RN: It's very much about playing with scale and placement, and different things of course look good on different people. I love a pierced tragus and daith, as well as the look of wearing the same micro hoop all the way up the lobe. When I'm in the right mood, a bigger hoop is so fun—I love that ours has the ball detailing on it and is light enough to not worry about. I generally will keep the same setup for a week or so and then take 15 minutes to rearrange and redo. Definitely the most important thing is to have fun with it! I'd love for people to surprise me with how they wear AYAI Fine. 

Have any perfect ear game tricks that you swear by? Let us know in the comments.

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