Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Redefining Maternity Basics

For some women, skinny jeans and spiky stiletto heels might sound like a nightmare to wear, period. Nevermind, sporting the arguably restricting shoes when you’re pregnant. But that’s simply not the case at all for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, as we can see from her latest street style snap.

The model, who’s expecting her first child with fiancé Jason Statham, was seen in her go-to silhouette of jeans and heels while in New York City, and she proved that personal style doesn’t have to change even when your body does. Even back in December when we chatted with the style star, she advised that “skinny black jeans with a little stretch in them are the perfect answer to switching out a pair of black leggings,” when it comes to travel style. It’s safe to say the same where maternity clothing is concerned.

To build on her two signature pieces, Huntington-Whiteley paired the black skinnies and high-heeled bootie with a plaid, fringed, blanket-like coat to balance the silhouette and provide extra cozy vibes. She polished if off with a black scarf and hat—nothing fussy or complicated, but definitely impactful.

Scroll down for the complete look from the soon-to-be-mom.

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