What Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Hates to Wear to the Gym

If you've ever seen photos of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley en route to the gym, you might have noticed a theme: She loves a good ab-baring look. She never wears sweats or baggy shirts; instead, she opts for chic sports bras and sleek leggings. Now, thanks to her new interview with Elle UK, we know the reason why. 

"I don't like to get hot, or have a lot of stuff touching my skin; I always feel my best in the gym while working out," she told the magazine. "I love to see my posture and physicality: seeing my body doing the things it's supposed to do… I feel there are a lot of different things a woman's body is expected to be, but my favorite way to see mine is when it's being physical. That's when I feel my sexiest and most powerful." We should all be taking notes from Huntington-Whiteley: Be confident at the gym and proud of the fact that you're taking care of yourself (no matter how sweaty you end up). 

Scroll down to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's best ab-baring gym looks!

What's your go-to gym look? Tell us in the comments below, and shop chic sports bras to emulate Huntington-Whiteley!