This Is What a Fashion Stylist Actually Does

Romy Frydman is one of Australia’s most prominent stylists and creative directors. As well as running her creative outlet StyleMeRomy (a print and digital publication), Romy is the creative mind behind an endless list of fashion campaigns, using her skills as a stylist, and now photographer, to bring beautiful imagery and concepts to life.

Her latest campaign? For Brisbane-based label Susan Driver—an up-and-coming brand that ticks off every jewellery trend we want in 2016—statement earrings, architectural pieces, and fine pieces you can layer.

We’ve always been huge fans of Romy’s work, so to celebrate her latest campaign, we sat down to find out what her creative process is like, and the biggest change she’s seen in the industry over the last 15 years. Keep scrolling!


Romy Frydman

Who What Wear Australia: When you’re approached to style a campaign, how do you come up with the concept and theme of the shoot?

Romy Frydman: I work very closely with my clients to get the best of both worlds. A combination of their directive and my StyleMeRomy touch. Once we've worked through our vision together, mood boards are put together to tell the story of what we will be shooting.

The themes are often based on StyleMeRomy editorial shoots I’ve done in the past, based on a relaxed effortless feel with a touch of sexy.

WWW: What is the hardest part about pulling a campaign together?

RF: People’s time schedules. URGHHH it can be the most frustrating part about my job.


Romy Frydman

WWW: Talk us through your creative process of producing Susan Driver’s AYU campaign?

RF: I met the designer, Susan Driver at the Torstar offices (Susan Driver’s PR agency) for an initial meeting where she presented a look and feel for her next campaign.

There were a number of StyleMeRomy references on her moodboard, which is always a good start and extremely flattering. I suggested models, but Tilly Jac Smith (who we ended up shooting) was my first choice and was very well received by Susan, so there was no casting as such.

The clothes are sourced usually a few days before the shoot and then location locked in. In this case, it was my studio where I seem to do all my favourite shoots.

As I shoot mainly natural light, I work well in my own space, where I’ve learnt where the best pockets of light are.

From there, we shoot and everything comes together. It’s the most satisfying feeling when your initial vision become reality in your shots.


Romy Frydman

WWW: You’ve had a long and successful career as a creative director and fashion stylist—what continues to inspire you?

RF: I’ve been a stylist for over 18 years. I started creative directing pretty much as soon as I went freelance 14 years years ago. Recently my career has evolved and I've become a photographer too, and absolutely love it.

So many different things inspire me, models, films, beautiful locations. I like to visit as many different places around the world, so I can expand my knowledge of culture, art, and the colours of different countries.

I adore an ocean anywhere in the world, and because I shoot very naturally, I find sunsets the most inspiring sources of light.

WWW: What has been the biggest change in the industry you’ve noticed over the last 15 years?

RF: Social media!

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