The Coats in Rochas's Pre-Fall Collection Give Us All the Feels

Rochas's newly unveiled Pre-Fall 16 season brings along some much-needed coat game, and as we scrolled through the collection while snuggling indoors to escape this year's cold, we caught ourselves getting a little bummed out we’d have to wait so long to wear one. But all is not lost, because we plan to use it as wardrobe inspiration for the winter months at hand. Rochas has a sort of Royal Tenenbaums vibe this season, full of long furs, muted colors, and thick textures we can, and likely will, hunt to duplicate during any in-season shopping that may present itself between now and the last snowfall. Also duly noted, the visuals of layering so well it appears effortless. Because it's only going to get colder out there, and we're going to take all the creative motivation we can get. 

Keep scrolling to see the Rochas Pre-Fall 16 coats we covet most.