Robin Wright Forays Into Fashion, Designs Chic Sleepwear Collection

Pajamas are hardly the first thing that come to mind when you think of Robin Wright, but the House of Cards actress is seeking to change that with her new design endeavour, Pour les Femmes. The socially conscious sleepwear line—a collaboration between Wright and longtime friend and designer Karen Fowler—marries quality fashion with philanthropy, and 100 per cent of profits benefit women in the Congo who are victims of violence. The debut collection is now available on Tilt for a special rate and features a menswear-inspired two-piece set and a short and long nightgown, all made with the softest cotton. Equal parts chic and practical, these are the kind of PJs you won’t mind wearing in front of guests this holiday season. 

We chatted with Wright and Fowler about the design process, their involvement with the women of the Congo, and more. Keep reading for our exclusive interview and to shop the line now!

Can you tell us the backstory of Pour les Femmes?
Robin Wright: Karen [Fowler] has been my dearest friend for over 20 years, and we’ve always wanted to do a clothing line together. We thought what a great opportunity to bridge together this product that represents safety and security, which is our basic right, and help benefit the women of the Congo, adding a give-back element to our company.

Classic Floral Pajama Set ($169, $75 on Tilt)

What was the design process like for you both?
Karen Fowler: I find my inspiration in things that I love. I worked for Ralph Lauren before I started my own label and his vision has always inspired me. I like simple and elegant things with a modern twist, so when we started visualising Pour les Femmes, we took vintage pieces and made them fit the modern woman. We crafted them in fine cottons for comfort and added vintage detailing to give them a romantic feel.   

RW: Karen has been in the clothing business for years, not to mention, she has her own clothing line, Soleil de Mer. Having always been inspired by vintage pieces, we wanted to incorporate that into the other elements we both love: soft cottons, subtle floral print, delicate lace, and pieces that are both elegant and comfortable.

Short Nightgown ($169, $75 on Tilt)

Why sleepwear?
RW: Karen and I wanted to create a line of pajamas that was both practical and sexy, something that we really enjoyed sleeping in ourselves. We searched for the lightest weight and softest cotton we could find that was both comfortable and breathable. We created our own print; we wanted something that was feminine, soft, and beautiful. 

Classic Floral Pajama Set ($169, $75 on Tilt)

What was one of the most important factors you considered when creating this collection?
RW: We wanted to create sleepwear that was both comfortable and sexy, something that feels so good you can't wait to put it on at night and snuggle down.         

Was there a specific inspiration behind the designs?
KF: From a design perspective, we were inspired by vintage pieces with details like fine ladder lace, delicate embroidery, floral prints, and soft cotton. We love this kind of detail, which is rarely seen in today's modern sleepwear.

RW: We wanted to produce sleepwear items for all types of women, which is why we have feminine pajamas with a men's-style two-piece pattern, a sexy long nightgown, and a shorter one in the same version. We are excited to design more styles soon. 

Long Nightgown ($169, $75 on Tilt)

What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why?
RW: I love our signature piece, the classic Floral Pajama set, because it is so soft and cosy, and I love the delicate design of the flowers.  

What has been your involvement with Action Kivu and Synergie des Femmes
RW: It all started 11 years ago (confirm) when I became involved with the Enough Project in the Congo. I was introduced to these two organisations through my visits there. They are doing great work with a special emphasis on women and children. These women are suffering through decades of violence and war, but still remain resilient and are fighting for a better life. 

?Classic Solid Pajama Set ($169, $75 on Tilt)

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