How to Keep Winter Road Salt From Ruining Your Shoes

If you live in an area that is the lucky recipient of tons of winter weather, then you don't need us telling you that dealing with road salt is a daily occurrence during the winter seasons. While it's helpful for preventing road casualties from snow and ice, it's also really awful for your footwear; salt can degrade and stain leather, and unless you know how to properly ward that sodium chloride off, the threat is very real. 

For those of us who are sartorially minded, this winter struggle is particularly poignant. We did the research for you so you can easily combat the negative effects of winter road salt on your precious boots, sneakers, and heels. So go ahead and buy that new pair of shoes you've been eyeing with the confidence of knowing they'll last you through the winter. From preventative measures to how to deal with salt on your shoes, we've rounded up everything you need to know. Keep scrolling to learn how to keep road salt from totally ruining your shoes.