Rihanna Wore the Chicest Outfit to Meet Prince Harry

Rihanna and Prince Harry aren't the most likely duo to make an appearance together—but they're definitely one of the most lovable. Prince Harry is currently on an official royal tour of the Caribbean, which included a stop in Rihanna's home country of Barbados where he met the singer for the first time ever.

Rihanna went on to join Prince Harry on a couple of different outings. The duo sat next to each other at the Golden Anniversary Spectacular Mega Concert, which honored the 50th anniversary of the country's independence, and they also had blood samples taken together to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. 

For the concert, Rihanna opted for an on-trend dress featuring oversize statement sleeves and a one-shouldered silhouette. For the latter appearance, Rihanna and Prince Harry went matching in crisp white shirts, which the singer paired with wide-leg pants. All in all, it was a stylish and successful day for the duo. When can we be BFFs? 

Scroll down to see what Rihanna wore on Prince Harry's tour of Barbados!

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Opening Image: Getty Images