Rihanna Made a Very Unexpected Shoe Choice Last Night

We should know better than to assume we know all about Rihanna’s style. She’s a chameleon, to say the least, and fearless to try any trend and make it her own. But her footwear choice last night not only felt unexpected from the singer and soon-to-be big-screen actress. It was a surprising choice, period.

Dressed in sweats and a leather jacket, Rihanna stepped out in New York last night with a pair of super-sparkly pointed-toe stilettos. While an everyday party shoe is certainly a move Sarah Jessica Parker has worn before, sneakers or even lug-sole boots seem more like Rihanna’s go-to choice. So naturally this ensemble had us wondering where she could be headed. A low-key disco that calls for comfy clothes? A quick run to the store, and, hey, why not make it feel special?

Either way, perhaps there’s something more to this unexpected shoe choice than meets the eye. We instantly feel more fancy and excited when we slip into a party heel. And if we can re-create that sensation and stay in our sweatpants at the same time, well, why not?

Scroll down to see Rihanna’s entire ensemble.

Would you pair a party heel with anything in your closet, even sweatpants? Let us know below.

Opening Image: Getty