How to Lengthen Your Legs, Even When You're Wearing Sneakers

In our honest opinion, if you were to ask us for advice about dressing to make your legs look longer, we wouldn’t recommend baggy pants and sneakers. But Rihanna’s latest look defies that style logic. In fact, we’re not really sure if the singer’s clever trick was intentional. Nonetheless, it works.

The top half of her recent ensemble was simply a black T-shirt and leather coat; her lower half was definitely more of a statement piece. She matched orange camo pants with a pair of coordinating orange camo creepers, which were a part of her Fenty Puma collection from earlier this year. And while the concept of orange camo is a bit of an oxymoron, because she coordinated pants and shoes so perfectly, it did blend the appearance of where her ankle was. Any other shoe choice in a different color or print might have cut off the line of her legs, but this one extended it.

Take a look below to see what we mean.



On Rihanna: Fenty Puma sneakers.

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