You Tell Us: Is Rihanna Wearing Shoes in Her Latest Look?

Rihanna's style is notoriously impeccable, both at red carpet events and airports alike. This week, she took her sense of fashion to another level by wearing a naked shoe (yes, you read that right).

While attending the launch of Revolve's new capsule with Madeworn and Roc96 in Los Angeles last night, Rihanna stepped out in a white off-the-shoulder dress, neon yellow nails, and a pair of barely there shoes. The straps of her heels were see-through, giving the illusion that she wasn't wearing any shoes at all.

Rihanna is hardly the first to wear this type of shoe. Naked shoes have been a trend for months now, both on celebrities and on store racks, so we aren't surprised to see that Rihanna is wearing a pair herself.

Check out Rihanna's look below, and pay extra attention to what's happening around her feet.


Pap Nation/Splash News