Rihanna Has Worn This Ring Over 6 Times in the Past 2 Months

Lately, Rihanna has been spotted wearing a particular piece of jewelry that is notable for several reasons. Typically found in the depths of your grandmother's jewelry box, cameo jewelry is an accessory trend we haven't seen in a while. You know, those stunning Victorian pieces with the silhouetted faces?

Well, it's clear Rihanna is aiming to bring back this timepiece in a surprisingly cool way, wearing her particular Jacquie Aiche cameo ring with everything from Gucci tracksuits to oversize furry coats on the red carpet. Here, we show you six of our favorite looks featuring this cameo ring, and are excited to see the future of this resurfaced trend. 

Keep reading to see how Rihanna wears her cameo ring and to shop one for yourself!