Rihanna’s Santa-Inspired Belt Is Actually Amazing

Rihanna just went full festive holiday mode in this scorching-red oversize Santa-inspired belt (yes, all of those adjectives were necessary), and the look was amazing. However there is one element of this overall ensemble worth noting before attempting to re-create it at home. Besides the larger-than-life red accessory you can't take your eyes off of, the remainder of her look is extremely simple and polished, giving this statement belt the room it needs to shine. 

While we did already know that Rihanna wears anything she dang well pleases, what we didn't know was that some of the biggest designers are also huge supporters of this accessory trend. While doing some research, we discovered that everyone from Prada to Céline has bright red belts stocked that are just as festive as Rihanna's. Are they as huge as Rihanna's? No. But the idea of adding a red belt to an otherwise subdued look is an accessory trend we can definitely get on board with. And what better time to start than the holiday season?

Keep reading to see Rihanna's full look and to shop designer-approved red belts!