This Is Becoming Rihanna's "Thing," and We're Not Mad About It

Rihanna is a fashion powerhouse, so when she went to the first game of the NBA Finals this week, of course she dressed to the nines. 

The superstar wore a black Matthew Adams Dolan jean jacket that she styled to be an off-the-shoulder top. This isn't the first time Rihanna has finagled a regular top into an off-the-shoulder silhouette. This style seems to be a recurring trend in her outfits, from her makeshift denim top she wore around New York City to the shoulder-baring white dress she wore to a fashion launch, and we're not mad about it. 

She paired her top with a series of gold chain necklaces, bright neon nail polish, and black heeled boots. Apologies for the court-side distraction, but this ensemble was not to be missed.

Take a look at Rihanna's NBA-worthy look below, and compare it to her other off-the-shoulder outfits while shopping for some denim pieces of your own. 



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On Rihanna: Matthew Adams Dolan jacket.



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