We Asked You: Which Resale Sites Are Truly Legit

When it comes to the world of online consignment shopping, there is perhaps nothing scarier than placing your trust in a total stranger, namely one who promises to sell you a special, name-brand item that you’ve paid generously for. We’ve spoken directly about some of the most popular resale sites of the moment before—we’ve used their expertise to better inform our purchases and have taken a closer look at their processes in order to choose an outlet we can trust. But this time, we’re taking a different approach and have gathered the intel from you.

We asked Who What Wear readers and regular consignment shoppers to fill us in on which sites they feel are truly legit. Surprisingly, only a few of the most popular names came out on top—Poshmark and TheRealReal were clear favorites. However, the biggest findings included not only where readers love to score vintage and consignment pieces, but also their insights on what to look for and know before placing a bid on anything. Perhaps it’s no big surprise: Our readers are very informed shoppers.

Ahead, we’ve compiled their best pieces of advice—including the sites they say are the real deal—to help us all be a bit more knowledgeable the next time we’re tempted by a photo of a vintage handbag.