20 Cool, Relaxed Tees Under $50

An often overlooked staple for any summer wardrobe is a collection of relaxed tees. The free-flowing fit of a relaxed shirt makes for a breathable silhouette, and those of the cotton variety, in particular, are essential during warm-weather months. There's a certain cool factor to this type of tee too—it brings a casual ease to any outfit and never appears too neat or overthought.

That's all without mention of versatility. Relaxed tees can be worn tucked in, loose, or partially tucked at the front of the hemline; with jeans, shorts, skirts—the possibilities are endless. Styled right, a loose shirt can be worn anywhere from the office to the beach. And these perks don't have to cost you. Quality relaxed tee can be found at a variety of very reasonable price points, so stock up—this is one item you'll want to have on hand throughout the season.

Keep reading for 20 relaxed tees that will become instant favorites in your wardrobe—and they're all under $50.

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