Do You See What's Wrong With These Fashion Logos?

>It doesn’t matter if you’re a self-professed logo aficionado or haven’t sported a conspicuous brand name since high school when everyone had a tee that read “Guess” or “Tommy Hilfiger”—scroll down and you’ll know right away what’s off about the images. After all, a little confusion is exactly what London-based artist Reilly intended to create when he debuted a series of faux logos. They’re also some of the strangest fashion mashups we’ve ever seen.

As we discovered on Another Mag, Reilly wanted to throw the viewer for a loop when he plastered the Alexander Wang name on a very recognizable Domino’s pizza graphic (perhaps a dream after-party sponsor?) or weaved together Dior with the iconic Nike check (sounds kind of great, no?). “We see these symbols every day, so frequently that I thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to mash them up by putting super-famous brands with super famous brands that are totally unrelated,’” the artist told Another. “I just want to make people look at them and go, ‘What?!’”

That he did. After a long scroll down his Instagram feed, we came upon a ton of fake fashion logos that seem totally out of place yet also kind of amazing. After all, where else would you mistake Chanel for Champion or confuse Stella McCartney for Stella Artois?

>Keep scrolling for a look at these refreshingly out-of-place fashion logos.

If you’re looking for a fashion mashup you actually can shop, check out the pieces from Victoria Beckham’s Target collaboration that are still available.

Opening Image: Style du Monde