5 Easy Ways to Be More Eco-Conscious, According to Reformation's Founder

At this point, Reformation has become known and loved far and wide for its uncanny ability to seemingly read the innermost desires of stylish women everywhere. From its spot-on dress silhouettes to its weekly product releases, the retailer has hit the bull's eye in many a lady's heart of hearts.

But many of us don't oft think of the brand's creation story: founder Yael Aflalo initially started it as an eco-conscious counterpoint to what she perceived as the largely wasteful nature of the fashion industry at large. And to this day, Aflalo has worked to keep the brand in line with those initial sustainable goals.

We sat down to chat with her recently, and Aflalo shared what she thinks are the easiest ways for the average shopper to be just a little more eco-conscious in her everyday fashion life. Keep scrolling for five easy ways to be eco-friendlier with your fashion, according to Reformation's founder!

How do you try to be more eco-conscious with your shopping habits? We line-dry our clothes. Share your tips in the comments below!