Casually Goes to Reformation—Buys Everything in Sight

The other day, I decided it would be a good idea to casually check out Reformation's site. You know, not to buy anything, just to see what was up. Let me tell you, it was a huge mistake. While I initially intended to save money and be a smart, functioning adult (i.e. some innocent window shopping), the new-arrivals section really got the best of me. Scroll after scroll, I was imagining how happy I would be if all these items were sitting in my closet.

Okay, so maybe I'll buy just one thing. But which thing? Between the plethora of perfect linen summer dresses and must-have denim pieces, I truly could not make up my mind. Yes, there are larger issues in the world, but in this exact moment, I was pretty overwhelmed—a fashion crisis, if you will. If I were made of money, I definitely would buy every single item in Reformation's new-arrivals section, but I am not. It's just hard when every single piece fits perfectly with your Instagram aesthetic. You know, a selfie of some cute ruffles here, a bag/shoe shot with a sheer hem there—how is a girl to choose? Hopefully you are more decisive than I am in choosing which summer Reformation items you want to buy because if I am being honest, I'm still struggling.

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