Must-See: Reese Witherspoon's Moving Advice to Her 20-Something Self

Reese Witherspoon is getting a lot of Oscar buzz (again) for her upcoming role in Wildthe film adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's bestselling 2012 memoir of the same name. Strayed hand-picked Witherspoon to star in the film, which she also produces, and the actor sat down with the writer to chat about her experience making the movie.

The interview, which appears as the January cover story for Glamour magazine, is nothing shot of revelatory, inspiring, and moving. In it, Strayed asks Witherspoon to reveal what she would tell her 23-year-old self if she had the chance—it's the age when Reese had her first child, a particularly milestone year for her. Her response is incredible.

"All those things that you’re worried about are not important," Witherspoon says she would advise her yonger self. "You’re going to be okay. Better than okay. You’re going to be great. Spend less time tearing yourself apart, worrying if you’re good enough. You are good enough. And you’re going to meet amazing people in your life who will help you and love you."

"I don’t think I realized [in my 20s] that no one else makes you whole," she continues. "You have to take responsibility for your own happiness. That took me until I was about 31 to know. It wasn’t easy to realize that, Oh, wait, I am purely responsible [for my life]—no relationship, no children, no nothing is going to make you a happy person. Every day you have to choose to find and cultivate your own happiness."

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