Meet the Special Leather Jacket It Girls Will Wear for Decades

Since its inception in 2014, one of the biggest things to happen in the world of denim has undoubtedly been Re/Done. It seems like not a day goes by that we don't see an It girl wearing a pair of jeans with the signature white label, one of the perfectly fitting T-shirts the brand make with Hanes, or a vintage "redone" Champion sweatshirt. Our point is that Re/Done is really popular among in-the-know cool girls, and the brand is about to make them (and us) very happy yet again.

This month, Re/Done is launching a collection of original leather jackets, which you can get on the waiting list for today, and we're giving you an exclusive first look. (Speaking of cool girls, Re/Done tapped model Bambi Northwood Blyth to demonstrate just how good the new leather jackets look on.)

The first of two leather drops will be the jacket from the brand's Originals collection. Made from Italian lambskin and hand-aged for an authentic vintage look, the jackets are produced with the same processes used when motorcycle jackets were first made in the 1940s (genius), and the flattering shape is also inspired by vintage pieces. (It's not too fitted yet not oversize.) In other words, it's pretty much perfect. The second leather drop will be vintage reconstructed leather jackets, with exclusive linings (e.g., pink sequins) for different retailers and will arrive later this fall.

To get the scoop on what makes for a perfect leather jacket and why Re/Done decided to enter the market with its own, we went straight to the source: Re/Done co-founder Sean Barron. "Just as every girl wants the perfect pair of vintage Levi's, every girl wants the perfect vintage leather jacket, but they're often men's styles and very stiff," he told us. "For our Originals Leather Moto Jacket, we maintained the look and feel of the perfect vintage leather piece but with the soft wearability and cut of a modern jacket. Each one is handmade and individually distressed in our Los Angeles factory, giving them the authentic, one-of-a-kind feel of a genuine vintage jacket."

Given that, this definitely sounds like the makings of an investment piece that everyone who gets their hands on will wear for decades.

Keep scrolling to get a preview of just how good Re/Done's new Originals Leather Moto Jacket is, and don't forget to get on the waiting list.