Fashion Girls Are Ditching Black Handbags for This Trend

It goes without saying that there will always be a place in every woman's wardrobe for a classic black handbag. That said, each spring without fail, fashion girls start itching for something new and fresh. Throughout fashion month, we found that the stylish show attendees were ditching their black bags for another hue practically across the board—red! We spotted so many red bags on the arms of the street style set that the images below aren't even a fraction of the recent examples.

What we love about a red bag is that it adds a fun pop of color to whatever you're wearing, but it still feels as versatile as a "safer" neutral, like camel. We even saw several occurrences in which the fashion crowd coordinated their red bags with a pair of red shoes. (We also love the look of a pair of on-trend white shoes with a red bag.)

With that, keep scrolling to see all the red bag inspiration you need, and shop a slew of red bags at the end! 

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Opening Image: Getty Images