10 Transformations That Changed a Runway Dress Into a Red Carpet Dress

>When we talk about clothing on the red carpet during award season, you often hear the expression “plucked right from the runway.” And there’s a reason we use it. It means that a design is not only a newly concepted one, but the celebrity in question is the first person to wear it IRL. However, there’s one flaw in this thinking: The clothes on the runway are not always worn as is, and sometimes they're not intended to be.

>It dawned on us when we spotted a tulle Dior gown on Jennifer Lawrence last month and realized that the skirt of the design was much more opaque at the actress's movie premiere than it had been in Paris months earlier. So we started to dig some more. And in honor of Hollywood gearing up for award season to kick off this Sunday with the Golden Globes, we tracked down 10 amazing red carpet looks from this past year that all have had minor makeovers from their runway counterparts.

>Keep scrolling to see all the befores and afters—some of the differences more difficult to spot than others.

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