According to This Celeb, "Style Has No Size"

Rebel Wilson always found it difficult to find the right clothes when shopping at the department store. Inspired by this challenge, she’s now launching a new line for women with Dia&Co that will include sizes 14 to 24.

“I feel like the plus-size market is underserved and with this I’m trying to give back some of my style and things that I’ve learned,” she told WWD. “You shouldn’t feel like you’re an outcast and you shouldn’t feel like fashion shouldn’t be for you. Something like my line gives people more choice.” Rebel Wilson’s tagline for the upcoming collection is “style has no size,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Not only will the actress have a hand in designing the Rebel Wilson x Angels collaboration, but you’ll also be able to see her wearing pieces in Pitch Perfect 3. And at the time of the film’s release, the collection will be available for purchase.

Keep reading to see Rebel Wilson wearing pieces from the upcoming collection.