Rebecca Minkoff Just Launched an Inspiring New Platform—Get All the Details

Rebecca Minkoff won't be presenting her latest spring collection at New York Fashion Week next month. With her third baby expected to arrive sometime during the NYFW timeframe, Minkoff has instead chosen to focus her efforts on a new, inspiring project that's launching in tandem with the 2018 Women's March.

RM Superwomen, as the platform is aptly named, is a social space with one powerful goal: to encourage women around the world to be brave and courageous—"to lead a fearless life through stories, experiences, conversations and more — shared from one Superwoman to another," per the press release.

But what does it really mean to live a "fearless" life? As Minkoff explains, "Fearless doesn't mean you don't have fear. It means that, as you look fear head on, shaking in your boots, you do what's scaring you anyways," adding, "But really, it's only losing if you're too scared to try, and it's only failing if you give up — otherwise, it's experience."

And it's these experiences, told from "Superwomen" around the world, that Minkoff hopes to shed light on with this newly launched platform (that will live both online and through IRL events). "I wanted to create an atmosphere that would remind us, and provoke us, to stay fearless," Minkoff says.

A new portrait series, which officially launches today, will be a sort of kickoff to the platform and this weekend's Women's March, and it will highlight the stories of those who are part of the Women's March movement and committee as well as others doing their part to enact change.

In addition, the ladies spotlighted in this series will all don pieces from Minkoff's S/S 18 collection (the designer's way of unveiling her latest line in lieu of a NYFW show)—a sort of fashion-meets-activism range, featuring, for instance, impactful, feminist-slogan sweatshirts with the phrases "Feminist" and "Grl Power" emblazoned on the front. See a few of the powerful new portraits below, and then head to the platform's official Instagram account for more.