The LBD Models and French Girls Are Obsessed With

We're always looking to Instagram as a source of inspiration. There fashionable women from around the world guide us through our fashion needs. This week, it seems that models and social media stars alike are helping us out with elevating the classic LBD. The item is a closet staple, but for those who keep wearing their go-to dress over and over again, let these experts inspire you to give that up for a brand-new look you'll instantly fall in love with. 

You've probably come across it already, as the silhouette is all over Instagram and the retailer behind it is—yup, you guessed it—Réalisation. The brand is also responsible for that viral red dress all your favorite stars still can't stop wearing. Just like their trending red look, the LBD that's popping up everywhere is tailored perfectly to show off all your body's curves. It's flattering, modern, classy, and edgy all at the same time. The dress works for almost any occasion and on top of it all, it's is priced at less than $200. 

Take a look at the LBD in detail below and see how your faves styled the look. Then, feel free to grab the exact dress or similar styles we picked out from Réalisation's site. 


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Feel elegant in this longer option. 


You can't blame the fashion pros for loving this look.

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