Real Brides Share Their Wedding Style Regrets

Chances are, we've all looked back on major life events with a regret or two. Did we really have to wear a ballgown to prom? Or fishnets to a job interview? We think your wedding shouldn't have to be one of those days. Finding the perfect dress is by no means an easy feat, but armed with the right advice from those who have been there first, a few bumps along the way may just get smoothed out completely. 

So, what is it that real women regret about their experiences shopping for a wedding dress? We quizzed a few stylish women we know to find out what their biggest mistakes were on their own journeys to "I do." From forgoing good tailoring to losing sight of their own style, their regrets will hopefully help you learn a thing or two.

Read on to see what real women considered their biggest wedding dress regrets! 

1. Not Going With Her Gut

"One massive regret of mine is that I didn't go with my gut and go for a jumpsuit. I liked my wedding dress, but know I would have preferred to go with what I originally wanted." — Elinor

2. Losing Sight of THE Dress

"I had a very clear idea of what I wanted from my dress and plenty of Pinterest inspiration images to reference that. But once the planning process began, I lost track of what I wanted and focused on just getting a dress—not THE dress. It was close-ish enough to the style I wanted that during the planning process (and in the context of the larger wedding budget) it didn't feel like a big compromise. Looking back, I wish I had maybe been more patient and reminded myself of what I wanted in the first place." — Lola

3. Getting the Dress Tailored Too Tight

"Like most brides, I went on a strict pre-wedding diet and workout regimen. My dress was very fitted, and I wanted to look flawless in it. I had my final fitting two days prior to the wedding, and while I liked the look of the dress, it still felt slightly loose. I asked to have it taken in knowing I would not be able to try it on again until the day of the wedding. In hindsight, that was probably a terrible idea, but everyone told me wedding dresses tend to loosen up throughout the night. On the day of my wedding, as I was getting zipped into my dress, I quickly realized that it was far too tight. It looked great when I stood, but sitting was a different story. I spent most of my wedding dinner propped on the edge of my seat in pain from what felt like the cinching of fabric around every rib and organ. Luckily, I was able to change into my looser, more comfortable dress after dinner!" — Deva

4. Not Investing in Quality Tailoring

"My biggest regret was that I didn't know how important the tailoring and fittings were to the process. (If only I had watched Say Yes to the Dress!) When I started dress shopping, I had my obligatory folder of magazine clippings, made appointments at a few salons, and finally found the dress of my dreams at a small boutique in Santa Monica. The boutique didn't do fittings, but they recommended a woman nearby. I didn't think twice about it and went with their recommendation. When I went to my final fitting two days before my wedding, I realized that she had used glue instead of stitching on the delicate Alençon lace. GLUE! When you're talking about the dress you've been dreaming of for 20+ years, don't skimp on something as important as good tailoring." — Lindsay

5. Overspending on the Dress

"Spending WAY too much on my wedding dress. I wanted something unique, but because [the designer] was unknown, it has been impossible to sell. I was dying to sell the dress—even for 50% [off]—it was so expensive." — Anonymous

6. Wearing a Corset

"I wore a tiny corset under my skin-tight Monique Lhuillier gown and spent half the party sick to my stomach. I ended up stripping down and throwing up in the bathroom while my maid of honor held the door so no one could walk in! Now I always warn brides not to wear a corset or not to eat." — Erica

7. Not Finding Outside Experts

"If I could do it over again, I would arrange to have my dress tailored somewhere other than the bridal boutique where I bought my dress. First off, the boutique convinced me to order a size up "to be safe" (I wasn't planning to lose weight, so this seemed practical, right?), but then it was so big that the seamstress couldn't get it tailored quite right to by body (funny enough, she accused me of "losing too much weight"—I hadn't lost any). To this day, I shudder to look at the pictures of the top of my dress. If I'd had the foresight to research tailors in addition to boutiques, I probably could have saved myself a lot of grief. Moral of the story: The person selling you a dress is not an expert in tailoring, so don't ask for his or her advice there; get your own." — Emelie

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