7 Secret Things All Fashion Girls Do Before Leaving the House

When it's your job to dress for the occasion—whether that means a red carpet, a lunch, or the office—practice makes perfect. Which is why women in fashion always have a knack for pulling together outfits that while effortless, still feel just right. But what are the secrets that stylish women turn to when getting dressed? Well, we went straight to the source to find out exactly how they pull it off.

From stylists to designers to industry creatives, we turned to a few of our favorite trendsetters for a glimpse into the tricks they use when they're getting ready. And while they all were different, there was a common thread. What was it? They peg an entire outfit to one thing in particular.

Though some start with shoes or love to focus on a statement jacket, these women agreed that when they're stumped, they start with one key piece, and create an outfit from there.

But that wasn't their only tip. Want to see the rest? Read on for seven women's takes on the style tricks they use in private!