Must-See: A Rare Photo of Jackie Kennedy Dancing at Her Wedding

Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress has an important place in history that has nothing to do with the presidency. In 1953, Ann Cole Lowe, the first leading black fashion designer, created the now iconic wedding dress out of 50 yards of ivory silk taffeta.

Sadly, Lowe was not formally credited for the creation at the time, aside from a suspected quote from Mrs. Kennedy noting the dress was made by “a colored woman dressmaker.” Over the rest of her career, Lowe dressed Oscar winners and the Rockefellers, among other influential families of New York, and now her work lives in the archives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In a newly uncovered photo of Jackie Kennedy on her wedding day, we get a peek at the dress in motion—and a better understand of just how long her veil was.

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Opening Image: Getty Images