Rachel Bilson Takes Our Fashion Quiz: Read The Surprising Results

The return of Hart of Dixie tonight—at 8pm on the CW—reminds us how much we love Rachel Bilson. And not just for her witty turn as the city doctor gone country Zoe Hart on the hit series, but for her savvy sartorial sensibilities, too. Never far from the spotlight, the actress continues to be a reader favorite with her delightful down-to-earth fashion sense. As such, we thought it would be fun to put Bilson to the test for the first installment of our new Fashion Quiz series. The actress sounds off on going Commando, blasting Rihanna, and more!

Describe your personal style in three words.
1. Moody
2. Comfy
3. Willing

If I were a shoe, I would be:
A ShoeMint shoe, duh!

I can’t leave home without:
Gum, socks, candy, lip balm, sunglasses, and keys.


What is your favorite travel outfit?
Harem pants, t-shirt, and a sweater.

What are your go-to bags?
My bag of the moment is the two-toned Chloe Baylee Bag. My travel carry-on is a Chanel wheelie.

What are you reading right now?
Cleopatra is on my list, but my favorite book of all time is My Buddy, Slug

What are you listening to right now?
When Rihanna comes on in my car, I blast it.

What is your red carpet mantra?
Lately it's been "don’t have a wedgie," so I’m really feeling Commando underwear.

What fashion sites have you visited recently? 
Who What Wear and the Sartoralist, and they made me want to go shopping for a new wardrobe.