I Never Buy Anything Without Considering These 3 Things


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Despite my owning what seems like a plethora of items, if you speak to any of my friends, co-workers, or anyone who’s been ever shopping with me, they’ll tell you that while I love buying things, I do not do so frivolously. In fact, when shopping (both online and in-store), I’ll think of a million reasons I shouldn’t make a purchase before considering why I should.

I think this defense mechanism has come out of working at a job where I’m pretty much shopping all day long—such that if I don’t practice some restraint, I’ll end up emptying my bank account daily. After all, I do come across a lot of amazing finds. Nonetheless, over time, I’ve developed some key questions to ask myself before buying anything so that I can minimize my chances of regretting a purchase or, at the very least, overdoing it.

Read about each of them below and, of course, shop some of my favorite purchase-worthy pieces along the way.