Stylish Girls Can Answer These 3 Questions—Can You?

What defines your personal style? Plenty of us have that gut instinct; we know instantly if a piece works or if it falls flat. But when it comes time to break down exactly what makes us tick, putting it into words can be tricky. As it turns out, sometimes it's just about asking the right questions. 

That's where the "key three," the crucial questions every fashion girl knows the answers to, come into play. Each one takes careful consideration, but in the end, will make it very clear exactly how you define your personal style.

Armed with these three straightforward questions, things that once left you second-guessing yourself—which trends to actually try, the stores worth shopping at—become super simple. Interested in giving the "key three" a go? Just know that yes/no answers will do you no good here, and you may want a pen and paper to help you work it all out. Once complete, you'll have a map of how fashion makes you tick.

Read on for a breakdown, and shop some of our very own answers to each crucial questions!