Quarter-Life Crisis: Tips to Make 25 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

Turning 25 feels like a pivotal point in life for pretty much everyone. While it’s no longer acceptable to make college-level decisions, you’re in the midst of one of the most vibrant, youthful decades of your life. Feeling the quarter-life crisis is real, but trust us, you’re not alone.

This poignant article from The Atlantic appropriately titled 25 is the New 21 discusses the new, wider age range of adolescence, resulting largely from extended financial dependence on our parents. But the quarter-life crisis goes beyond just financial standings (even though for most, that accounts for a huge chunk of the feelings of panic). Rather, we’re referring to 25-year-olds who are in the process of finding out who they and what they want from life.

It could be your personal style you’re trying to work on. Or you could be honing in on your positive personality traits and working on your not-so-perfect qualities. Maybe you are having a hard time figuring out what career path to take. This goes beyond the “new year, new me” thing; you’re deciding how to close out your first quarter-century of life, and how to start the next chapter.

To help you get through this not-so-scary (we promise) point in your lives, we’ve rounded up quotes and accounts of fashion influencers about age and a list of 25 things we think are going to be necessary now that you’re 25. Or reaching 25. Or past 25. Who cares, let’s just celebrate our 20s in style!

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Fashion Influencers & The Concept of Age