Puma's New Rose-Gold Sneakers Are Ridiculously Pretty



Thanks to its slew of celebrity fans (including Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, Margot Robbie, and Sofia Richie) and Rihanna's wildly popular Fenty line, everyone seems to be wearing Pumas right now. But the number one reason they're so popular, in our opinion, is because the brand just keeps designing cool shoes that fashion girls love wearing with everything from leggings to dresses. And one of its newest releases is sure to please sneakerheads and fashion girls alike: rose-gold platform sneakers.

Puma just updated its popular Basket style in both white and black with rose-gold toe-caps and blush-colored logo, along with a white pair with a metallic lilac toe-cap. The sneakers are perfect for someone who loves rose gold but is seeking something a little more subtle than a pair of all-rose-gold shoes. The $100 sneakers are set to launch at Puma on Saturday, July 1, but we did a little detective work and found that the black with rose gold and white with metallic options are already available via Saks. Bonus: Thanks to their platform sole, these sneakers will make you look taller.

Read on to shop the pretty new Pumas before everyone else does.