Meet the Fierce Ballerinas From Puma's New Campaign

Of course there's nothing wrong with tapping celebrities and models to star in activewear campaigns, but there's something extra inspiring about having real athletes as the faces of these types of brands—which is why we're obsessed with Puma's new "Do You" campaign. 

Puma enlisted seven athletes to star in the campaign: New York City Ballet dancers Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson; track and field stars Jenna Prandini, Alexandra Wester, and Tatjana Pinto; and Cuban volleyball players Lianma Flores Stable and Leila Consuelo Ortega Martinez. 

The campaign is meant to inspire women to have confidence in their own abilities. Staker, who has been training since the age of 4, explained in a statement the best tip she's learned as an athlete: "You should never sacrifice yourself, because keeping yourself and knowing who you are will get you further than trying to change who you are to either fit in or to improve your current position," she said. "You can't sacrifice yourself. You have to develop yourself."

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