Simple Tricks to Prevent Blisters Forever

There's nothing worse than stepping two feet in a new pair of shoes only to get a blister almost immediately. Fortunately, our friends at InStyle tapped industry experts to uncover easy tricks to help prevent blisters once and for all.

Some of the main takeaways? Bandages do nothing—moleskin actually works. "Band-Aids are going to move, and if the shoe is moving, they'll stick to the shoe and create more friction," Dr. Emily Splichal, podiatrist and human movement specialist, said.

But there are tricks you can try even before it gets to that blister point, like ensuring your shoes fit you properly from the start, which prevents friction to ultimately avoid blisters. David Mesquita, vice president of New York's Leather Spa, explained the ideal fit as "when the width of your foot is completely on the insole board," because when there's extra room, especially between the heel and the counter (aka the back of the shoes), rubbing and chafing are bound to happen. If there is extra room, gel pads can help with that.

And if your shoes seem too tight, both Splichal and Mesquita agree that a using a shoe-spraying product or wearing socks with the shoes can help stretch them out to prevent blisters.

For more tips, head over to InStyle. And keep scrolling to shop a few gorgeous pairs of shoes that you'll soon be able to wear blister-free.

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