Real Girls Tested This Anti-Blister Spray—and It Really Works

It's hard to wear a new pair of shoes (or your favorite sky-high heels) and have them feel as comfortable as you'd like. There are tricks to help—like the $0 way to make wearing stilettos not as painful or this guide to shopping for comfy heels—but blisters and soreness still happen.

Enter PreHeels, the coolest Kickstarter product that promises to make wearing any shoe virtually painless. After three years of development and 150 formulas, Dana Ward and Adam Kolom created a spray that creates a barrier on the skin to protect feet from irritation and blisters.

So whether you're breaking in a new pair of running shoes or simply looking for a way to ease the never-ending discomfort of heels, PreHeels could be the answer. The Huffington Post put the innovative product to the test by having real women give the spray a go—and the results were overwhelmingly positive. From rain boots to boat shoes to heels, the six participants found it to be effective, and one even called it "a miracle."

Those who want to get their hands on PreHeels will have to wait until August. However, you can preorder it now and dream of how comfortable your feet will feel once fall arrives.

Check out the PreHeels packaging below, and keep scrolling to shop some heels we'd totally use this with!

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Opening Image: Candice Lake