The Surprising Pre–Fashion Week Ritual New Yorkers Love

The fashion crowd prepares for fashion week in various ways: shopping and planning out new outfits, stepping up their gym game, and, occasionally, dieting. But according to an article on WWD, New Yorkers have their own ritual of sorts before the fashion masses descend upon their city: getting new piercings.

According to the industry’s favorite piercer, J. Colby Smith of New York Adorned, his business spikes by 40% in the weeks leading up to the shows—even more so than during the holiday season. Likening a new piercing to a haircut or manicure, Smith believes that it makes patrons feel special before heading into the circus of hyper-distinct style. “I have to take a big breath before [fashion week] because I know it’s coming,” the artist joked to WWD. “I know it’s about to hit like a waiter before a 5 p.m. shift.” But the onslaught seemingly pays off, as Smith’s customers shell out anywhere from $200 to $1000 for a new piercing. Given that the likes of Sky Ferreira and Emily Weiss have sung his praises, we’re tempted to stop by his shop ourselves.

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Opening Image: The Urban Spotter

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